Monday, October 8, 2007

Friday Flickr Photo, mittens completed, and more

Felted Hotpad, originally uploaded by delightful knits. Isn't this gorgeous?

I am a bit late posting my Friday photo this week because I was on a trip to my 40th high school reunion in California (eek, how can it be 40 years?). On the way there we had snow and rain for almost 12 hours but on the return trip we had clear skies and some gorgeous views of California, Nevada and Idaho including some pretty fall colors. The long drive was perfect for completing knitting projects since my BF Jerry did all the driving. I made two bags I plan to felt and also a smaller purse caddy that is a custom order.

The hotpad photo, above, is from delightful knits and I think it is a gorgeous interpretation of Autumn in yarn. Check out delightful knits other wonderful photos including unique tea cozies she knits. Here's some information from her profile on Flickr:

"Come visit me on Etsy, under the name of Delli3, I have more tea cosies, I also sell on Ebay, under the name of Xfileslady. I enjoy knitting, crocheting, gardening, wood working. I have listed items on under the name of Delli3, and I also sell on ebay, under the name of xfileslady. I love to make tea cosies. Please take a minute and look at my cosies, and let me know what you think. "

I think they are wonderful!

Here's a look at some of my finished mitten ornaments. I left them open at the top so that you could slip in a candy cane or other small item when giving them as a gift.
Finally, here is the bag I received from Figino in the September Bag Ladies swap. Notice how she used a belt as a strap for the bag. I should be posting pictures of my newest bags in the near future.

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