Sunday, September 30, 2007

Snow in September

Yes, we had snow in September! I woke up Saturday to a mix of snow and rain and before long it was just snow and the grass was soon covered in white. It was something like the second or third earliest snow here in SE Idaho. The surrounding hills actually got a significant amount of snow. In the afternoon, I drove past a neighborhood park and saw that neighborhood children had built two little snowmen although by then there wasn't any snow at all on the ground, just the two little snowmen. This reminded me of freak snow storm we had in central California when I was growing up (1962?). When we had our first winter in California after moving there from Canada, I remember asking my parents how Santa was going to get to our house since there was no snow for his sled. When that snowstorm came years later my sister and I rushed outside and gathered up just enough for a snowball or two which we stored in the refrigerator freezer for months.

I'm not thrilled that winter is coming as I don't much like the cold. Even though I feel this way about winter, I do love Christmas. As I posted earlier, I've been experimenting with some felted ornaments. I discovered that if worked in all the loose ends on the flowers I knitted, then felted them that the petals came out rounded.

If I left the ends and didn't work them in before felting, then the flowers came out with pointed petals and resembled poinsettias which was the effect I was trying to achieve. I used the same "pattern" for all three flowers the only difference was working in the loose ends. I though that was pretty interesting.

I felted my little Christmas tree and attached beads to both the tree and the poinsettia and was quite pleased with the results.

Next, mitten ornaments made from felted wool scraps from recycled sweaters. I have quite a few pairs cut out and ready to sew.

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