Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Etsy Selling Spreadsheet

Many thanks for Lavajewelry, Etsy seller, who created a spreadsheet for tracking sales that I found by reading in the Etsy forums. She agreed to let me post an updated, Version 2 of her spreadsheet. I've added columns for date listed, date sold, and materials cost and created calculated fields for income from sold items. You'll find a link to this new version in the right column of my blog. There are two tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet, the 2nd one has some instructions.
Lavajewelry's original version is located here:


Anonymous said...

Hi There

I am new to etsy so I have been searching through all of the forums looking for good info threads to help me get started. I am interested in checking out your tracking spreadsheet - I was going to come up with one of my own but I thought I would check yours out and see how someone with etsy experience has been using theirs. I am finding that pricing your items is very critical with all of the fees.

How long have you been on etsy selling and do you think that it is hard to make it worth while?

Trying to be smart before starting out,
Ms. Sweet Tea

Anonymous said...

Oh my email is if you want to share your spreadsheet :)

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Hi, I am so sorry. I discovered recently that the spreadsheet I posted on Google documents was not accessible to anyone. I've changed the permissions on the file so you should be able to get it now.