Thursday, August 2, 2007

Etsy keeps growing

Total # of items sold on Etsy. We just passed 1,000,000!

The chart above and information below is from a recent item on the Etsy blog that talks about the growth of Etsy:

On June 18th in the year 2005, a little over two years ago, Etsy was born. Chris, Haim and I worked for two months in my Brooklyn apartment building the site, and as soon as it launched we headed out to dinner.
That first night, while we ate sushi, two people joined. On the second day three items were listed, and on the fourth day the first item sold. At first it was just three people, then grew to four when Jared jumped on board right after we finished our dinner.

Looking at Etsy right now, 1,000,000 items have been sold, 300,000 people have joined as members, and the company itself has grown from four to forty-two. (You can see everyone here, in this screen-grab from our internal wiki.)...
- Rob aka Rokali

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Missy said...

I saw that you hearted my shop. I'm pretty new to etsy, but I am LOVING it! I'm living Southeastern Idaho too. How did you come across me? I know a few other people here who have shops too, but I'm trying to figure out how to find more to start a street team.

Your blog is so cool! Lots of great info and I love your stuff. I've been wanting to learn how to felt things for awhile. Like you, my list of "want to do" is long and time seems short! Especially due to the fact that I am on the computer WAY too much.