Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Home Made Originals

I wanted to explain the name of my blog/Etsy shop, Home Made Originals. In a way it is self-explanatory, but there is some history behind it that I believe is interesting.

When I was growing up (first in Canada and later in central California) my Mother was the "queen" of all things homemade...she made her own bread from scratch, made most of our clothes, knitted, needle pointed, made rugs, etc. We had homemade cookies rather than store-bought and home made pies, no cake mixes or other mixes of any kind. Of course, she didn't work outside the home like I do and she had much more time available to make these things.

I remember a phase I went through where I really wanted the "store bought" stuff, e.g. "Wonder" Bread (is that an oxymoron?) instead of the good homemade stuff which smelled wonderful when it came out of the oven. Anyway, I now know how special that was/is . It has become almost a novelty in this day and age to see things made from "scratch". So that is why I chose the name I did. The name reminds me of my Mom and all the wonderful things she made for me over the years she was alive.

Happy Fourth of July!

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