Sunday, July 29, 2007

Busy weekend

I've had such a busy creative weekend that when I posted earlier I forgot to mention several things. I've been searching for a simple but effective way to track my expenses and income related to my Etsy shop. Another Etsyian, had created an Excel spreadsheet that she has posted on her blog:

I found I wanted a few more pieces of information, such as Date listed, dated sold, materials cost. I also wanted to see the profit per item when the item sold, so I set this column up to calculate only when the "date sold" was filled in. If anyone would like a copy of this updated version, feel free to contact me. And thanks, lavajewelry for sharing your spreadsheet.

Also, I created two "Poster Sketches" on Etsy. One is a poster of my own items. The other was an entry for the Etsy Treasury poster challenge which I hope to post later. Below is a description of the challenge:

We're having a challenge to turn some of the best Treasury lists at Etsy into limited edition prints.Here's an example: to twenty lists will be selected over a two week period in July. Special software will take a Treasury list, combine it with the original full resolution sources and generate a high resolution arrangement suitable for digital printing. Printing will be done in-house using archival processes and the highest standards of craftsmanship. This is a one time only, limited run event. About 100 prints of each list will be made.One entry per person please.Two week competition begins July 17, 2007 and ends August 1, 2007.


Krazy Kate Designs said...

I kept seeing comments about the poster contest running through blogs today and it was great to read yours and find out what it's about! Thanks

HomeMadeOriginals said...

You're welcome. It was really fun creating the posters. I made one for the contest and another one to use for promoting my Etsy items/shop.