Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Trip to Boise, "Repurposed" sweaters

Today, I drove from Boise back to SE Idaho, a 230+ mile trip across Southern Idaho. It was a beautiful drive and I had my IPOD to provide accompanying music and one lecture from Stanford I-tunes to help me pass the time. As I enjoyed scenes of the Snake River, beautiful hills that looked as if they covered in velveteen, and agricultural land which was a patchwork of color and activity, I was reminded of many of the reasons why I love this place, Idaho.

In addition to attending a productive meeting in Boise, I had the opportunity for another of my favorite actitivies in that I stopped in at one of my favorite thrift stores there to shop for craft supplies. I ended up with six 100% wool sweaters which are wonderful candidates for felting projects for a grand total of about $15. One has the bonus of some gorgeous wooden buttons.

While I was in Boise, I completed knitting two business card cases (pre and post felting photos to come later), one with Patton's wool and another with Landscapes yarn. All in all, a very satisfactory trip.

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