Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First Sale, Quilt Transfer design

Last night I sold my first items on Etsy, a couple of hand knitted, felted cases for IPOD or cell phone. Pretty exciting for someone who's never tried to sell any of my crafts before.
I've experimented with a couple of different closures for my bags/cases and think I like using buttons best. The earth-tone case actually has a velcro closure with a decorative button.

I also printed a design on inkjet t-shirt transfer paper to use on my denim quilt. I took the design from the Wedding invitation and added the names and dates for the wedding. As you can see, you have to print a mirror image in order to have it print properly on the fabric. I haven't decided yet where I will put this on the quilt.

I'm headed off to Boise today on a short business trip but hope to do some knitting while I'm gone. Here's a poem I wrote afer visiting Albertson Park there a few years ago:

Visiting Autumn

Two seasons meet
along the Boise River
It is the end of one time
the beginning of another

Summer is just a memory
while winter waits her turn
The trees around me are dressed
in brilliant yellows, reds, and browns

Their brittle leaves dance and fall
while purple flowers bloom
As I approach my own autumn
I feel this season deeply

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