Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recycled Sweater Crafting 101

Recycled Sweater Crafting 101 (Sweater Surgery)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Mustard Seed Dreams

Pocatello, ID

(208) 233-1697

Cost for class: $10 includes instructions and some supplies

Learn how to create items from recycled wool sweaters!

Do you have a favorite wool sweater that someone mistakenly put in the washing machine and it came out shrunken and “felted”? Or do you still have the first wool sweater you ever knit which doesn’t fit properly, but you are just too attached to it to get rid of it? (You’ll know your sweater is felted if it has shrunk in size and you can no longer see the individual stitches.) In this workshop, you will learn to make a bag, arm/leg warmers, pot holders, and/or other items from your sweater(s).

What to Bring:

Felted wool sweater(s): If you don’t have one already, you may be able to pick up a nice wool sweater at a local thrift store –make sure it is 100% or nearly 100% wool and not washable/super wash wool. If you are purchasing a sweater for the class, try to buy large and XL sweaters as they do shrink a fair bit. Follow the instructions provided for fulling/felting your item if necessary. You may need to allow several days drying time. Scrap pieces of felted sweaters, yarn, and a selection of thread will be provided.

*The instructor will also have a small number of felted sweaters available for sale should you need one.

Lining fabric: if you would like to try a bag and want it lined, bring some fabric that matches/contrasts with your sweater. A half yard or so should be enough.


Tapestry needle and regular hand sewing needle


Thread(s) to match your sweater(s) (Some will be available)

Sewing machine (we will have a few available but you may want to bring yours). Some items can be completed without a machine, if you do not feel comfortable using one.

Scraps of yarn to match or contrast your sweater if you want to embellish your item (some will be available).

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