Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grandmother, What Great Teeth You Have...

Project: Ella's Red Riding Hood
:Little Red by Erika Flory
: Knitting
: 2
Started: February 20, 2010
Finished: February 27, 2010

When I found this cute knitting pattern for the "Little Red Cape" , I knew I had to make it. It only took a couple of days of knitting, but then several more before I made the frog closure, sewed it on, and blocked it. I didn't like the idea of a metal clasp on a two year old, thus I came up with the idea of making my own "frog" as an alternate closure.

What I didn't think of before I knitted it was how SCARY the Little Red Riding Hood story would be for a two year old. Should I look for a sanitized version of the story for toddlers? Part of me thinks no, go with the traditional version where the little girl is devoured by the wolf dressed as her grandmother. Part of me wants to spare my grand daughter that image that she might relate to her own grandmother.

PS MY DD and her boyfriend were just here. I asked them about the little red riding hood story and NEITHER of them knew there was a version where LLRH was eaten by the wolf and didn't survive. I found this version of the story I think I will get my granddaughter....the wolf eats LLRH but a woodsman cuts open the wolf and saves her....still pretty violent, but a happier ending.


storybeader said...

It's a great looking cape... the story can always come later... like 10 years! {:-D

Anitra Cameron said...

There's a version where LRRH Doesn't survive?! Holy cow!

But I think your granddaughter can probably handle the other, where she gets eaten and then the woodsman saves her. At her age, she wouldn't understand "dead", and the woodsman going after the wolf and winning would probably strike her as pretty cool. At least, it did me, but I was always a bit odd!

And you are SO skilled. Wow.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

So cute!
I think I'd stick with the non-eaten version...LOL!

TiLT said...

that cape is so cute :) And yeah - I'd say non-eaten version until she's older :)