Sunday, May 24, 2009

North Rim Delights

Recently, we traveled by the Grand Canyon and decided this time to make a stop at the North Rim. If you haven't been there, it is so different from the South Rim, you really should visit. It's uncrowded and serene, and the views are breath taking. We drove in from Jacob Lake in late afternoon and spent the early evening hours watching the canyon change with the light. There are several viewpoints that give different vantage points. We enjoyed Cape Royal about 23 miles from the Lodge the most. We saw no more than 10 people in the Cape Royal are, including a film crew that was there to catch the evening light.
I've posted a slide show on the right side of the blog which I will leave up for a while so you can see all the gorgeous views we enjoyed. You can also go here to see the album in larger view.


Miss Courageous said...


Splendid Little Stars said...

love the Grand Canyon! I have been a number of times--twice to the North Rim. I like both rims, but the North Rim is higher in elevation, greener, and more serene. I would love to hike all the way down and back up again. That's a dream of mine. I have hiked part of the way down. Hiking into the canyon gives such a different view. You get to be close to all the detail. (and away from all the people)
And yes, I have been to Arches a few times also--love it! The whole area is amazing!

Mary Jane said...

Truly breathtaking! What perfect weather you had.