Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flickr Horror Story

I've read several times before about Flickr users whose accounts were closed without warning because Flickr perceived they were using the site for commercial purposes but never thought it would happen to me. I never mention Etsy in my photo descriptions (only in my profile which is allowed) and never mention anything is for sale. I had lots of photos of places, family, etc. that did not relate to my Etsy business. I had many photos of items I've made for family and friends.

I've written to Flickr and hope I'll get some clue as to why my paid Pro account was deleted. But reading on their forums and Etsy I know once an account is deleted, all the photos, groups, friends, are gone permanently. I'm so angry I doubt I'll be paying Flickr for another pro account any time in the future.

Thanks to Flickr, I now have lots of "blank spots" in my blog and all the photos of my knitting projects on Ravelry have disappeared too. Over time, I'll try to replace these photos with copies on my computer hard drive. I removed my Crafting 365 slide show (since it was blank) from the blog...I've lost the documentation of that year long effort too.


susan said...

Sorry that happened to you! I just got onto Flickr and looked for etsy groups in there. there are thousands of groups. How can they do that to you, when there's the word etsy all over the place.

:\ Susan

NICO Designs said...

How horrible! Too bad they did not send you an email first to question you about your alleged offense.
That would seem like good business to me.

LazyTcrochet said...

That is crazy. I don't see how they can justify doing that. I never really thought about blog pix too. wow