Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Preparing for a Craft Show

Oak "pieces" for my craft show display

Now, that I'm home again, I need to gear up for the two craft shows this Friday and Saturday. The Holiday Fair at Idaho State University (ISU) is the first "real" craft show I'm doing. (I was in a friend's boutique last November.) I've spent some time lately researching set ups for craft shows, craft show check lists, and the like.

I've been busy making product for months. I've made lots of neck warmers and scrabble pendants and an assortment of other items. I could use much more time just for creating, but with only two days to go until the show, I think I'd better concentrate on my preparation: pricing items, making signs, printing business cards, and the like. My friend Jerry has been making a couple of oak pieces for me to use to display my items and I'm excited about how they look.

If you are going to be in a craft show, you may find some of these resources I've found helpful:

Flickr group of craft show photos: This is a great place to get ideas about how to display your work.

Some blog links about craft shows:

Craft Show tips
Craft Show Checklist
Craft Show Display
Essentials to Bring
Tips for Selling at Craft Fairs
Etsy search for "Craft Show Tips"

Preparing for Craft Shows

Riz Sedek posted a great craft show checklist on her blog. I've adapted it quite a bit and made my own version which I'd be happy to share if anyone is interested.

Check back later in the weekend or early next week and I'll post some photos of our craft booth (I'm sharing a space with two other Southeast Idaho Etsy team members for the ISU fair) and a report on how it went.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Thanks for all the links! I'm bookmarking this post for future reference :)

TiLT said...

Great links - thanks :)I'm about to do my first few also...

TiLT said...

forgot...I would be interested in the checklist - could it be etsy convo'd?

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Tilt, I emailed the file to you via your blog.