Friday, November 14, 2008

Finding Joy in Small Pleasures

The Man In The Moon, originally uploaded by GmAn-Photography.

Today, I had a couple of wonderful reminders about finding joy in small pleasures. I was at a two-day training institute in Boise (happy to say I'm now home) titled "Implementing Evidence Based Practices in Early Childhood Intervention in Idaho". That's a big title, but the model is all about finding ways to support families to promote child participation in the context of family-based activities. It's really about finding interests and activities of the child/family and then using those as opportunities for learning. It's not rocket science, since it's how young have learned for centuries. But it's so easy to forget the simple things.
Here's a You-Tube video they showed in the training that illustrates how children learn in the context of their every day life experiences. I guarantee it will make you laugh though I have to say Dad could have done better at removing obstacles.

On the drive home, the moon appeared on the horizon, it was glowing, orange, and appeared huge, like a "harvest moon" although it was mid- November and about 39 degrees. The details were so striking, I could clearly see the "man in the moon" face that I remember from my childhood. Well, I guess he didn't really have glasses!

After arriving home, I discovered another small pleasure, I was inlcuded in this lovely treasury on Etsy.  Click on the photo for a larger view, my item is, of course, the neck warmer. 

Speaking of small pleasures, don't forget to comment on my blog by the end of tomorrow (November 15) for a chance at winning my giveaway (see November 9th post). Be well and remember to embrace the small pleasures life has to offer.


kim* said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww i love the video!

the best classes i ever took are from vanguard university

i got my early chidlhood certificate there. i want to take more classes. they are 5 weeks long and so intense and rich. you finish it learning so much than you thought you would have

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That little kid was toooo cute! I couldn't help but thinking that they better hide all their books though :P