Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Find of the Week---Photo e-cards

I know it's election day, but how about something to take your mind off politics?

Thanks to paperfields, a member of the Etsy Bloggers Team for this neat idea. You can put a link on your Flickr photos that allows you/others to make a free E-card with your photo.

To do this, you add a little html to your photo description.

Once you click Save, it appears as "Create Free E-Card" in your photo's description. Folks can click into your pic, then in your description they click Create Free E-Card and it takes them to another page where your photo shows as an e-card. They can personalize it and send to friends.

Very cool, don't you think? I added the link to a couple of my fall color photos. Here's one so you can see how the link looks.

By the way, the link might not show your photo for a while. There is a small lag time between putting in the html and them being able to pull up your photo.

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