Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Preparing for the Holidays in my Shop

Striped felted stocking
The Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival this time instructs: Pick ONE of the following subjects to write about:
1. What is your favorite tradition for the Thanksgiving holiday?
2. How are you going to prepare your business for the holiday rush?

Since I've just finished two local craft shows which took an incredible amount of preparation, I haven't even begun to think about preparing my business for the holiday rush, but I should, so this is a good reminder to do so. Here's what I plan to do:

  • List items left from my craft fair that haven't been listed on Etsy yet. I started with this one today:
Blue neck warmer
I have several bags and a few odds and ends to list over the next few days.
  • Go through my expired items and determine what I want to re list for the holidays. I know for sure I will be listing 4 felted Christmas stockings I finished last year which didn't sell yet.
Felted stockings (3)
  • I'd love to find the time for a few new creations. I have planned for a while to make some pillows from felted wool, some more arm warmers, scarves, and more, however, I have more ideas than time these days.
  • I ordered a bunch of lovely alpaca yarn and plan to make 6-8 more of my popular neck warmers for the shop. First I have to complete about 6 custom orders.
  • I think I should put some type of holiday greeting in my Etsy shop.
I'm sure I should do more, but that's all I have the energy to think about for the moment.

PS Post a comment by November 15 to enter my giveaway. See my post November 9 for details.


glorybe1024 said...

Oh my...preparing for the holidays! They will be here before we know it!!

MichellesCharmWorld said...

Those stockings are so great!!

Lorrie said...

I feel for you - more ideas than time - that's where I'm at!

storybeader said...

you're sure busy! Love the neck warmers - perfect for the coming cold weather - at least in some parts of the world. And those Christmas stockings - 'tis the season!

Deb said...

i love the neckwarmers...the blue is just gorgeous.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Holidays? I need to be preparing for the holidays? Yikes! Ok, just kidding, mostly :P I've been so busy lately! I love your stuff :)

Anonymous said...
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