Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome Visitors from Derfwad Manor

Do you know what a derfwad is? Yesterday, I was fortunate to be profiled on Derfwad Manor, the blog of the popular Mrs. G, as part of her series “Slow Cook Thursday.” Click on over, and check it out. There is a recipe and a poem and bits about me and my creations.

I have long been a fan of Mrs. G who posts about home schooling, the world as she sees it, her secret boyfriends, with her clever take on all manner of topics. Check out her post on Home schooling, and two I particularly liked: the one about starting a Women’s Colony where Johnny Depp and George Clooney are the houseboys and this one on not answering questions in the Vice Presidential debate. Her Ass Project '08 inspired me to have my own workout challenge.

After that, be sure to read through some of Mrs. G’s other posts. I guarantee you'll want to return for more.

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