Friday, October 3, 2008

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I was tagged by LittlePaperDog, an Etsyseller who's also a member of Etsy Bloggers and my nieghbor from Utah:

I am to tell 6 things about myself that other people don't know and then tag 5 others, so here goes:

1) I've lived in two Canadian provinces and six states in my life, but my longest residence has been in SE Idaho. Nevertheless, I am yearning to live somewhere warmer as winter approaches.

2) I returned to playing tennis after a 20 year hiatus and enjoy playing doubles in a local tennis league. I play at a "3.5" level which means I'm not great, but I'm good enough to enjoy the game.

3) My "day job" consists of being a Regional Manager for the Department of Health and Welfare. My region is a seven county area in SE Idaho and the programs I oversee include child welfare, developmental disabilities, and infant/toddler.

4) I spent one summer in Japan and a year in Europe during my college years. I memorized (and subsequently forgot) a large number of Japanese kanji (characters). At one time, I did know enough Japanese to carry on a simple conversation.

5) My favorite snack foods are rocky road ice cream and buttered popcorn.

6) I once went on a low carb diet, but it was agony since I do love my carbs. I make bread at least once a week and can't imagine life without good bread.

And, in turn, I'm giving the following folks an opportunity to tell us 6 things about themselves:
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Little Paper Dog said...

I am not looking forward to winter here either. Last year I was pregnant so my husband always shoveled our VERY steep driveway. Blast ... I hate shoveling!

Heather said...

I finally responded...