Saturday, September 6, 2008

Zipper Fears

Crafting 365 Day 304 pinning zipper in
Even though I've put in many zippers in sewn garments (machine sewing) I was really nervous about the final step of completing Central Park Hoodie #1, installing the zipper. I m finally going to take the plunge and sew it in and I wanted to share these resources for you in case you are facing the same task. Watch for a photo of the finished product soon.

I finished the button bands on CPH#2 today too, just have to seam it together and it's DONE!

One of the easiest to read/see explanations:
If you are a Ravelry user, check out this thread:

I cord makes a nice edge when you are putting in a zipper. I used applied I-cord on my CPH. Here are some links that will help you with I-cord:

The first instructions I used (for the Moderne Baby Blanket) :

This is so cool! You can see how to make I-cord as an animation HERE.

And finally, here's an online resource with a huge stock of zippers and you can even order a custom length separating zipper for $1 more:
I've heard but haven't confirmed that you can send them a swatch and they will find their best match for you.

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Esther said...

These are great resources. I'll bookmark this blog for future!