Saturday, September 27, 2008

Too Late Post, Goodbye Summer

Here are the topic choices for the recent Etsy Blogger's Blog Carnival.

Topic one:Autumn. Blog about the season, memories of the past, plans for this fall. Fall decorations, fall crafts. Apple picking, back to school, foliage, as examples.

Topic two:"In summery" :-) get it? Instead of summary... Sum up what you did this summer. Highlights, activities, vacations. Things you accomplished.

Unfortunately, I wrote this post a while back an then forgot to post it by the deadline to be included in this week's Blog Carnival. However, I wanted to post it anyway, because I love the photo above (taken near Jackson Hole, Wyoming). I think Autumn is probably my favorite time of year here in Idaho, but it never seems to last very long. I like the cool crisp mornings, warm afternoons, and gorgeous colors in the trees. We've been talking about taking a drive up into the hills and we really must do it before all the leaves are gone.

I wrote an autumn poem years ago and still like to look back at it now and then. In fact, I was surprised how many times I have posted about autumn when I did this search on my blog.

And almost too late for this as well, please do check out the Etsy Blogger of the Month, Joey and Althea. Too cute baby items and baby/kid pictures as well.

I love this little jumper, and I am sooo envious because she has a waiting list for items from her shop. How would that be?


storybeader said...

that's a beautiful photo - some great benefits of living in the mountains! Enjoy! {:-Deb

agoodwitchtoo said...

That is one lovely pic!