Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tools of the Trade

Spinning wheel

August 18th Blog Carnival, for Etsy Bloggers:

Choose one of the 2 topics to write about:

1. "Back to School" What does it mean to you?

2. "Tools of the Trade" Tell of your favorite tool or a tool you use in your craft.

I chose to write about #2 since "back to school" doesn't have much of a connotation to me anymore (my children are grown and I'm not a teacher) .

I've been thinking about what I should feature as my favorite tool for several days. I could list several things I regularly use and love, like my rotary cutter, my Options interchangeable knitting needles, and my bamboo knitting needles (straights and dps), I have quite a collection of these. I could also write about my washing machine (for felting) with jeans and tennis balls for extra agitation as a favorite tool or piece of equipment. My sewing machine (New Home) is also an essential in my creative process. I have a floor loom, a table loom, and a spinning wheel that I rarely use, so I don't think they can be counted as favorites, although the spinning wheel was custom made for my mother and I do love it.

When I reflect on all these tools, I have to say my #1 favorite tool is actually my computer.
Love my widescreen monitor
My Computer

I say this because:

  • it allows me to connect to the world, and more importantly to the community of crafters and bloggers, including my "friends" from Etsy, Flickr, and my blog
  • it allows me to sell my handcrafted items to the world
  • I can share photos and find inspiration from other crafters from my Crafting 365 Flickr group or Flickr and blogging friends
  • I can find patterns or develop my own using my computer
  • I can share my knitting projects on Ravelry, get ideas and help from other Ravelers, and meet wonderful knitters from around the world
  • I can order supplies, books, materials on line
  • I can keep records for my little business using the Excel spreadsheet I designed and file my Schedule C with the IRS and my state sales taxes on line (well, maybe this part isn't exactly a "favorite")
  • I can feed my creative desires through blogging. I love finding new gadgets and widgets and ways to improve my blog. I love reading other blogs for inspiration and fun. And I love sharing things I've made in the hopes that someone else can find inspiration in turn.


storybeader said...

What a novel idea! Good thinking. My computer has become very important for me too. And it was the first tool that I bought in 2008 when I started my new business!

LazyTcrochet said...

Great point! Where would we be without our computers? Love the spinning wheel!

miesmama said...

Oh so true!
the spinning wheel is better looking though!

Stormy Designs said...

Love the photos & post. Thanks for participating!

Andrea said...

My computer would be at the top of my list too.

TNT2008 said...

The spinning wheel is wonderful.

Once I joined etsy, the computer really did start to take over...

Wyles Style said...

Boy, I don't know what I ever did without my computer! What a world it has opened!

That spinning wheel is absolutely beautiful!