Sunday, July 20, 2008

Crafting 365, Day 263, New needles

The needles are Knitpicks Options in newest needle acquisition. I've loved my interchangable Options needles from the day I got them, but the wooden tips are gorgeous and I love the warm feel. I only ordered two sizes to try and I just may have to get more. What are your favorite knitting needles?

Well, I have just over 100 days to go in my Crafting 365 challenge. It's really inspired me to be very productive. Today, I finished the second front section of my Central Park Hoodie and started the first sleeve. I'm beginning to feel like there is an end in sight to this project. I love the cables in this sweater.
Crafting 365, Day 262
Crafting 365. Day 261

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thefunkyfelter (a.k.a. Shalana) said...

those needles are gorgeous!!
a work of art in themselves.