Sunday, June 15, 2008

Productive Weekend-Pillows and Gadget Case

I had a productive weekend. I decided to make cushions for the old hickory rockers that I inherited from my parents. They have been in the family for three generations and I really need to weave new seats for them, However, the cushions will help me avoid that for at least one more year.

My cushions use the "french edge" method. I couldn't find much about how to do this, so I just experimented until I figured it out. The cushion forms I used were 2" thick and 15 x17". For each cushion, I cut two pieces of outdoor fabric 18" by 20", which allowed for a 1/2" seam all around. I also cut 4 pieces for each cushion (for the velcro attachments) about 2.5" by 6.5", turned under and sewed on three edges, then folded in half and sewed agan. I sewed 3"of velcro onto each of the attachments, one on the outside and one on the inside, so they could wrap around the back of the chair. A pair of these was sewn into each back corner. All four corners were sewn. Then two large pieces were sewn together around three sides for each cushion. Lastly, I sewed the back up by hand.

I know, it would have been much easier if I had taken photos of the process as I went and created a real tutorial. I was doing much of this last evening when I couldn't photograph well, so you just get the finished product:
Hickory chair with new pad
Finished objects:  3 chair pads

Today, I made the gadget case pictured above, from the remnants of a felted recycled sweater. I lost my previous case plus I have been wanting one that has a snap or velcro rather than a button closure.
My new gadget case

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Miss 376 said...

The cushions look great. Hope you get to enjoy sitting on them noe

SpottedCow said...

ooo...LOVE the red, white & blue gadget case.

Stitch Witch said...

I like the top-stitching on the gadget case! It's very cute!