Friday, June 6, 2008

Genius , Not...

I found the link to this widget on Jan Knit's blog. I agree with her when she says "I don't think so..." I don't think I use many big words, though I do have a tendency to long sentences. Years ago when I was studying linguistics, I learned about formulas for determining "readability" and as I recall, word length and sentence length were major considerations.

blog readability test

I just returned yesterday from an eight day combination vacation/business trip that took me from Idaho to Southern California and back via Boise. (approximately 2200 miles total and about $350 in gas). Along the way:
* I delivered the family bassinet, two baby sweaters (the Easy bunny sweater, and the top down cardigan), knitted baby bibs, and a collection of family baby items including favorite books and toys to my son and daughter in law.
* I attended a wonderful baby shower/barbecue for them
* I won $20 in Las Vegas (and had the fortitude to walk away with my winnings)
* I visited my sister in central California and my daugher in Boise
* I listened to two wonderful books on tape:
Lottery by Patricia Wood
For One More Day by Mitch Albom. I highly recommend these or other books on tape if you are planning a long car trip.
**I did NOT buy any yarn (amazing) though I did browse a couple of wonderful shops in Ventura, California and Boise, Idaho.
* I finished my denim diaper bag and gifted it to my daughter in law. I am still planning on posting instructions so you can make one too.
Diaper bag-Crafting 365, Day 212

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