Sunday, June 8, 2008

Alpaca neck warmer-Crafting 365, Day 221

Sometimes, even a small project is difficult to complete. This is one I started April 22 when I was visiting Minnepolis. My friend picked out and bought the yarn which is Baby Alpaca Grande by Plymouth . It has a wonderful feel and apparently alpaca is considerably warmer than wool. I modified my usual neck warmer pattern by adding 4 more stitches to make it a bit wider.

Today, I spent less than 30 minutes finishing it up and getting it into the mail to my friend in Minneapolis. Now, I have two other neckewarmers in various states of completion and a half finished bag that I need to tackle. Why is it that I would rather start something new rather than finish these?


Kim said...

If you find out the answer to your question, please share it with me.

Your neckwarmer works very well with the alpaca.

Bunny B said...

That looks real cosy!

alpacamaegirl said...

How can I make one?! It's awesome. I'm just starting an alpaca farm of my own and have been working with the wonderfully soft fleece a lot lately. I love alpacas!!!

HomeMadeOriginals said...

You can buy my neck warmer (knitting) pattern on Etsy, or Ravelry, or even here on the right side of my blog.