Sunday, May 25, 2008

A New Use for Your Thumb-Crafting 365/Day 207

I felted my newest bag and was a bit surprised at how much it shrunk from the original size. Compare to the photos below pre-felting.
Flap bag, before felting-Crafting 365/Day 205
Flap bag
I may have left it in the washer a wee bit too long. It was made from Patton's Wool which seems to felt almost too easily. I'm contemplating whether to embellish this purse by embroidering something on the dark brown portion. Any opinions?

My most exciting discovery of the day came when I was contemplating buying a ball winder for winding center pull balls of yarn. I saw one on Ebay that I almost bid on. I'd love to have an old wooden one though I've also checked out the new plastic ones which run about $40-$50 which I am sure are functional, but ugly.
Anyway, as I was Googling "ball winder" I found instructions for making a center pull ball using only your thumb! And it is my first attempt. So, I can no longer say I need one of those contraptions. (though if I find a cool old wooden one, I may still have to buy it). Here is a link to the instructions for using your thumb. Thanks, Ariadne!

Center pull yarn ball--I made one!


Kim said...

Your bag looks great.

Isn't it amazing to see how much the wool takes up with washing?

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Wow. That wool felts so beautifully. Love your bag :)

Em said...

Ooh - I would needle felt some swirly thing in red on the dark brown portion... or in lt. blue... or green! Ha ha! It looks great - I really want to try a felted bag sometime soon!