Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bassinet with new ribbons-Crafting 365/196

I couldn't leave well enough alone, felt like the ribbons were too short and a bit too narrow. So here is the new version. I also made two "fitted sheets" one from each fabric and I think I like the contrast of using the yellow sheet.

Now I'm done other than figuring out how I get it from Idaho to California before the grand baby arrives in August. I'm back to working on the next baby project, the Easy Bunny Pullover. I spent months looking for the right purple shade of yarn (as in the photo of the pattern) and finally settled on using some Dark Horse Fantasy. made a hat and fingerless mitts from it months ago and really love the feel of it (it's 50% acrylic and 50% nylon). I thought the white shade they hard at the LYS was "dingy/grey" looking so I'm using some leftover cream and green cotton ease for the bunny design. I love it so far. I will post a photo soon, though there are a few in progress photos in my Flickr and Ravelry if you want to go there.

Finally, I have to confess that I was NOT the winner (or even the runner up) to the knitting poetry contest that had. Here is my entry, since I promised to post it after the contest ended. If you didn't know about the contest, they provided a set of words from which you were to fashion a poem, and you couldn't use any of the words more than once. I must have imagined that the more words used the better the chance to win, because here is my entry:

And here are the winners:

I think I actually like the "runner up" the best, this one was chosen in part because of the clever presentation:

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