Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Use everything-- Crafting Day 129

I have enough scraps of my wonderful orange sweater to make a few little items, like this. I put a pin back on this so it could be worn as a corsage, or wouldn't it look pretty on the right wrapped package? This flower is about 4 1/2" across, but I think I'll make some smaller ones too. I'd wear one on my coat if it was a bit smaller. These might make cute Christmas gifts for next year.

Yesterday, my crafting project of the day was this little business card case in black felted wool with embroidery. I've felt very tired after work, so these little bits are about all I can muster in the evening.
Black card case-Crafting Day 127

I decided to participate in the next Blog Ladies Swap for the Flickr group of the same name. March it will be wristlets that we are swapping. I had so much fun last month making a shopping bag and getting one in return, I can see how folks get hooked on these crafty swaps. The Moderne Baby Blanket is inching along, and I mean inching...it is all garter stitch so it's a good project to work on while we watch Season 3 of Northern Exposure...last night Joel and Maggie crash landed in the Alaskan wilderness. I am thoroughly enjoying the escape from reality watching that series brings.
A few more rows-Crafting Day 122

Finally, I had a little trip down memory lane as I was searching through my basement storage room for these items so send for my son's 29th birthday. He and his wife are expecting in about 5 months and I couldn't resist sending this doll resurrected from 1979 (but with a new set of clothes, including a felted sweater, of course) and these alphabet blocks that I needle pointed. There were a couple of handmade quilts I forgot to photograph and a few favorite books from his early years.
Alphabet blocks, circa 1979
Finally I tucked in a copy of this photo of him with the blocks.
alphabet block in action, 25+ years ago

Happy Birthday, Jeff!


rtisan said...

Gorgeous items! Love the felted bow and the embroidered card case

AnnieB said...


I love a) that you kept all that gorgeous stuff b) that you made those alphabet blocks 29 years ago in the first place and c) that your son is going to get that photo with the blocks - something to cherish

thanks for finding me on flickr...I am very glad I found your blog...you make lovely things

Kim said...

What a great walk down memory lane. I've tried to keep some of my kids things - thank you for the ideas.

The black card sleeve is adorable!