Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wow-Flickr Photo of the Week

white+yellow, originally uploaded by MineFull.

This photo by by Mine Full one of my Flickr contacts, wowed me. I was looking for a photo of something bright and cheery to chase away the winter blahs and this one did the trick. I found another I really like this week, so I'll save it for future blog post.

Mine Full has an Etsy Shop as well as a cute blog I just discovered, I encourage you to take a look.

I've had a great 24 hours. Yesterday, I finished my Cabled neck warmer pattern (version 2 with seed stitch) converted it into a two page pdf file with photos and easy to follow (I think) instructions. I had three people on Flickr inquire about the pattern before I even had it finished. This morning, I awoke to find that I'd sold my first pattern! I've relisted and will keep doing that as long as it keeps selling. Here's the "Claret" neckwarmer I finished yesterday when I was perfecting the pattern. I learned a lot too about pdf files, images, etc. in the process.
Claret neck warmerAlso, this morning, I spent several hours writing my "monthly" newsletter which hasn't exactly turned out to be monthly. I wrote the first one in early November but got discouraged by the technical problems the Zookoda site was experiencing. In December, they shut down broadcasts completely in order to deal with spammers taking advantage of the site. I'm happy to report things are up and running and my February newsletter is scheduled to go in the mail (actually email) shortly.

In this edition of my newsletter I've written about new inspirations, new items in my shop, by blog, and family treasures including a family recipe for Ginger Nut Cookies. Type in your email address in the subscribe link on the right side of my blog if you'd like to receive future newsletters. This is where it says: Subscribe to my monthly email newsletter. If you missed this edition and would like it, let me know and I'll send you an individual copy. Here's a screen shot of the first section:
Desgn a Day - February Newsletter - Day 3

Last night, I got included in this treasury:
Treasury 020108

Finally, I noticed that spell check is still not working on Blogger, so please forgive me if you see any spelling errors. Have a wonderful day!


MineFull said...

Thanks so much! I'm glad I could help chase away the winter blahs, it's that time of year!! It's fun to search through photos from summer in the dreary depths of winter.
Congrats on selling patterns! It's something I've considered doing, but haven't been really sure of. Good for you!! :)

Jason said...
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kalurah said...

Congrats! How exciting! I HAVE to learn to knit!
Oh, were you aware you can put a set quantity in your listing, it makes it alot easier for patterns. I put 10 at a time on mine. Etsy then multiplies the listing fee by 10. :)

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Kalurah, I understood if I did that (a quantity listing) I wouldn't get as much exposure. Each time I relist it goges to the "top" so to speak. Does that make sense? Or am I wrong about how the listings work?

Leslie said...

I just subscribed via the link and would love a copy of this newsletter. Thank you!

Liz said...

Nice neckwarmer. I think it may be beyond my knitting skill level at the moment, though. :)