Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Knitting poetry

I found myself fascinated by the challenge of creating a poem out of the 50 "knitting poetry" words provided by Knitting Daily. I actually made a much longer poem, but I can't reveal it to you since the contest rules state explicitly that poems must not be "published in any manner" prior to the completion of the contest. And I certainly wouldn't want to hurt my chances of winning. You can buy a set of magnetic poetry words for $5.95 and I may do that, but I had loads of fun just arranging my cut out paper words on my desk. And of course, I believe there were a few words they forgot to include that were needed for a really excellent poem.

Not a lot of craftiness today, it was a work day and I also played tennis this morning. However, I did manage a few rows on the MBB (Moderne Baby Blanket), starting on a Needle book, and completing one more small step on the laptop case. Slight progress on all fronts!

Noticed a couple of milestones on my Neocounter (right hand side of the blog). After many days (maybe weeks) stuck at 70 countries for visitors, I've moved up to 72. And exactly 3800 visitors as of tonight. Those stats were started at the end of November.


Anonymous said...

I've always loved magnetic poetry. How cool that they make one for knitting. Do you think they have one for quilting?

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the magnetic poetry contest!

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Here's a link to how to make your own magnetic poetry....your choice of words

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to read the winning poems! Good luck!

Kristina B said...

Love the cutout... could you send me the link to the contest? I can't find my Knitting Daily e-mail!!

In case you haven't seen my fridge poetry art, you might get a kick out of these:

Fridge Poetry box

Curry-in-a-hurry Fridge Poetry mugs