Wednesday, February 6, 2008

100 Days

Today was day 100 of my Crafting 365. I feel like I should have a party! When I was in Boise, a co-worker saw my smartphone case and asked it I would make her one in earth tones. Here is the result. the button is a special one, made from animal horn (elk?) my friend gave me. I made a cardboard "model" to the dimensions I thought her Treo was, but I need to verify it by trying it on someone's phone at work.

I also continuied knitting on my Moderne Baby Blanket. If it's sunny tomorrow, I'll try to get a progress photo to post. that will be a bit better than my airport photo yesterday.

I've sold 5 copies of my Cabled Neck Warmer pattern! I'm feeling really encouraged about that since I just listed it for the first time on February 2.

Spell check still isn't working for me on Blogger. I find myself really frustrated at having to check and recheck my posts just like we did when writing pre-spell checker. It's silly (and lazy) but it just seems to hard!

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Allie Parker said...

I am one of the buyers of your Cabeled Neck Warmer patterns! Thank you so much for your quick email. I am so excited to recieve your newsletter and to read your blog for great ideas! Thanks again!