Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crafting while traveling Days 77-80

It's challenging but I've managed to keep crafting while traveling this week. I go back to my hotel room in the evening and work on my projects, then take a photo and upload it with my laptop-usb drive. The photos leave something to be desired as they are generally taken on the hotel bed or table with inadequate light.

This little bunny was started while I was still at home. It was made from a recycled wool sweater that I fulled (felted) and scraps of fabric I had on hand. I used the Cashmere Bunny pattern from Betz White.

I've been working on a pair of while baby booties using the Christine's booties pattern I used earlier.
Baby bootie Crafting 36/ Day 78
I do have some advice for traveling knitters. Don't try to knit using size 2 double pointed needles and fingering yarn while flying in a small plane. I ended up having to redo a large portion of what I finished on the plane. Not fun! Both booties are now finished in spite of this setback. I just need to make a tie and weave in ends once I get back home.

Also, I'm now working on a buttonhole bag which is a custom order for a colleague at work.
Bag progress Crafting 365/81


Anonymous said...

I love your designs! I am new to felting. do you make your own patterns for your purses/totes or do you use a 'store bought' pattern. I am planning on making at least 1 bag for myself and we'll see how it goes.

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Most of my bags are not from others' patterns. The exceptions are teh "Lucy Bag" from Two Old Bags and the "Buttonhole bag Unpattern" from Mason-Dixon knitting:
I actually adapted that pattern quite a bit for the bags I've knitted.
The bags I've made from recycled sweaters are all my own design.