Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas village

It's finally looking like Christmas around here. Today, we got up some outside lights and I put out my Christmas village. There are eight structures that my daughter and I made over a period of many years. For a while, we made one per year. The last one was the school that we completed about two years ago. Most of these are made with a base of cardboard or foam core board and then cookies/crackers/candy was attached with decorator frosting. We made one lovely house using gingerbread but it didn't last very long. We keep the collection on shelves in the basement and they have survived pretty well over the years, though a few shingles, i.e.. wheat thins have fallen off here and there.

Today, for crafting day 50, I fulled my ice blue business card case and made a strap/button closure for a set of blue coasters.

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