Friday, November 16, 2007

A Snack at the Park

a snack at the park..., originally uploaded by kalurah.

It has been one of the most beautiful fall seasons I can remember. The squirrels have been out in force in my backyard and I've really enjoyed watching them working. They are such a good model of preparation for winter.

This isn't my own photo, but one from kalurah, one of my Flickr contacts. It's my Flickr Photo of the week!

In addition to taking wonderful photos, Kalurah has a blog I enjoy:
Also an eclectic Etsy store, While they play:

1 comment:

kalurah said...

oh my! I'm so flattered you showcased my photo. :)
thanks for the cookie recipe on my blog post today. it looks scrumptious!!! can't wait to try it.
happy weekend!