Sunday, November 25, 2007

Retro bag process, ending on day 30 of crafting 365

Well, today I completed the knitting on my Retro bag which I started just over a week ago. I used the "Retro" colorway in Patton's classic wool and a size 10.5 needle. I started with a rectangular bottom piece, then picked up stitches and knit in the round for about 16". I made a pocket as well as a piece to use to hold the magnetic snaps. A 5-stitch I cord will be the strap, I made it about 100" long. Finally, I single crocheted a double strand about 10" long into a loop inside the bag (for keys). Tomorrow, I plan to felt the bag so check back to see how it turns out!

In celebration of completing 30 days of crafting, I created a slide show of all my activities:
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Felicia said...

Love the groovy pooling on that bag :)