Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In line at the Thrift store

Do you believe there is a thrift store where each morning before the 9 am opening, people line up to get in? Well, this is it...the White Elephant in Green Valley, AZ. The line was actually 3-4 times longer than you can see here, but I didn't want to lose my place in line to take a photo!

Today was a great thrift store day. I passed up a $15 sewing machine which I may regret, but got a number of other great finds. In addition to the items pictured, I bought a few zippers, some thread, and a pair of cropped pants for $1. Here is some of what I came home with after stopping at three thrift stores:

Three wonderful all wool sweaters for felting (shown drying after felting, a couple of bucks each).

A great book which promises to inspire me as a writer ($.50)

This great sunhat for $.50

And what I considered to be the find/my indulgence of the day, a hand-tooled leather checkbook/wallet for $5

My Crafting 365/Day 33 was spent felting sweaters and adding about 10 or 12 inches to my yellow scarf.

As I was visiting my favorite blogs today, I found these great Knitting Journal pages from KathrynIvy.

Since I've connected our new wireless printer, I was able to print them out and I've already started using them.


knitsteel said...

You got some great finds at the thrift store. I like that wallet too.

ryc- I'm not sure how I get that think about links. It is somewhere in your blogger settings. It might have to do with allowing backlinks, which is in the archiving section.

RecycleCindy said...

I love the hand-tooled leather checkbook. I think that was your greatest find. I'd love to find stuff like that.


Grace said...

That must be one awesome thrift store! I am especially jealous of the sweaters you got. What do you think you'll make from them?

I am so glad that you like the knitting journal pages! It's really nice to see someone getting use out of them. :)

HomeMadeOriginals said...

I will probably make some sort of bag(s) from the sweaters. I have them felted and dried but can't seem to decide. Also I don't have access to a sewing machine where I am for the next week. I passed up a $15 sewing machine at the thrift store and am kicking myself for that.

Yes, the White Elephant is a unique institution. It's amazing the traffic it gets and the amount of merchandise that flows through that place. Every day, there are so many new items.