Friday, November 30, 2007

Flickr Photo of the Week, Day 35 of Crafting 365

ascension, originally uploaded by Sand Fibers.

The photographer, Sand Fibers, is one of my Flickr contacts and I love this photo which she calls "Ascension". Coincidentally, earlier this week, I was reading my favorite blogs and one of the posts on Mason-Dixon Knitting referenced Alfred Hitchcock's great movie, The Birds. The post mentioned the point in the movie when the birds were gathering and it was beginning to feel a little scary. The movie came out in 1963, so I was about 14 when I first saw it and I do remember it well. I've probably seen it at least one other time since 1963. I really love Hitchcock's movies. If you want to have a refresher on the plot, check out the Mason-Dixon post link to U-tube where there is a 1 minute 40 second "mash" of the movie. That, in and of itself, is pretty interesting.

Anyway, this gathering of birds is much less sinister than in the movie. I love the way the one bird is caught in flight. I imagine all the birds sitting on the wire patiently waiting for the last straggler to land so they can start their meeting and decide when to fly off again. Wonderful photo!

Sand Fibers is also a wonderful artist who has an Etsy shop here. Her profile describes her as a " fiber and bead freak living and working in southern New Mexico." She makes wonderful things from beads and fiber and I often see her work featured in treasuries and on the front page of Etsy.

It's a grey day here, with intermittent rain. When we went to local craft fair this monring near where this photo was taken, it was cloudy but not raining but as the precipitation fell later, I thought about the poor artists who were set up outside. This is not weather you expect in Southern Arizona, even at this time of year. Tomorrow should be more of the same. A little disappointing for those who came her to escape winter, but nonetheless it is about 30 degrees warmer than it is at home.

Today, was day 35 of my crafting saga and I completed this neck warmer. As I was photographing it getting ready to list it in my Etsy store, my SO commented how much he liked it and since it appeared he wanted to adopt it, I made it a gift to him and I'm working on a clone (in a different yarn) already. The button was a thrift store find which I think complements it quite well.

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Carol Dean said...

Your SO has excellent taste ;)

Thank you for picking my photo to write about. I love these daily gatherings of dove on my electric lines. When they're done, they move to my pecan trees for the night.

We're having the same weather you are here in southern NM . . . when you're a "lifer," it's actually a refreshing change.