Saturday, November 17, 2007

EcoEtsy Sale

I'm not participating because I'm traveling during the time it is on, but you may want to check out the Eco Etsy sale. Eco Etsy is a new street team on Etsy that I joined.

Here is the profile for the team:
Profile: Eco Etsy is a group of like minded people who are coming together to spread the word about reducing, reusing and recycling. We concentrate on educating other Etsyians to be more aware of the waste we create when packaging our items and therefore offer tips and tricks to help other members create a greener way of life in there shops and in there personal lives. EcoEtsy is open to all sellers who want to waste less in the process of selling, packaging and shipping and to encourage buyers to do their part as well.

And here are the details on the sale:

The Eco Etsy Holiday Sale is on now with 20% off select items! The sale will run from today through November 30th at 12AM EST. Every purchase of an Eco Sale item will qualify you for a raffle (on December 1st) to win a surprise gift. Every time you purchase a sale item, your name will be entered into the raffle. Three buyers will be picked to win prizes graciously donated by:Malinb:
The stores participating in the sale are as follows:
Tomate d'Epingles
Jules Mae Clothing
Shutter Kate
Annie's Sweatshop
Modest Maiden
Heart of Nature
Maiden Love
Insein Creations
Love Peace and Dye
Project Felt
Nutsy Coco Creations
Lil Fish Studios
Crafty Yarn
Donna Pool
Recycled Ideas
If you'd like to view all sale items in one lump sum, do an Etsy tag search for "ecosale" or just click the following link:
Check out our blog to learn more about the sale and our awesome team:

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