Monday, November 5, 2007

365/Day 8 and 10: Red flower bag

Here's my latest completed bag. I felted it yesterday and it just finished drying. This is the bag I blogged about on November 1. the second picture is as it was pre-felting on Day 8 which I failed to post earlier.

Tonight, I've also been experimenting with knitted coffee cozies. I am using a size 7 circular needle and my first try in which I cast on 40 stitches was too big. I think it needs to fit snugly onto the coffee cup. Now I am experimenting with casting on 30 stitches. i thought these might make fast and fun Christmas gifts, but so far they haven't seemed to be fast at all. I knitted them in ribbing which is the fastest pattern in the world, so I may experiment to see if I can use stockinette or garter stitch and still like the results.

In case you are watching my "works in progress" indicators in the right margin of my blog and wondering about the Fiber Trends Christmas stocking, that's a project I started quite some time ago that I just can't make myself get back to and finish. Ever have one of those projects? I have a few of them in closets or boxes and I am sometimes wonder if I will ever finish them.

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