Friday, October 26, 2007

Dreaming of Pincushions, Photo of the Week

Pincushion Sets, originally uploaded by dottyral.

I can't honestly say I've really been dreaming of pincushions, but I have been thinking about them lately. I made one pincushion a while back when I first started felting. It's a pretty plain "blob" of felted turquoise wool with fiberfill stuffing.

Lately, I've been wanting to create an improved design for a pincushion using some of my leftover scraps from recycled sweaters that I've felted and made into bags and Christmas ornaments. As I've been planning to do this, I came across the photo above in dottyral's Flickr photos. Dottyral became my mentor when I first started my Etsy shop and had a million questions about selling, shipping, etc. She suggested I start a blog and get a Flickr account. I followed her advice and although I haven't become a raging success on Etsy (12 items sold there in about 4 months) I have been loving my new obsession which includes Etsy, Flickr, my blog, Bloglines, etc.

Check out Dottyral's shop on Etsy , Dyed in the Wool designs, where she has a variety of items in addition to her unique pincushions. And watch here to see if I come up with a new pincushion of my own.

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Dotty said...

What a great blog you have! Thanks for featuring my pincushions!