Saturday, October 13, 2007

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

This will date me, I'm sure, but I remember playing a game called "button, button, who's got the button?" The trick as I recall was to have the button wedged between your two hands (facing palms together)and pass it to another person undetected (by pretending to pass it to everyone and only giving it to one person). I don't remember all the details, but whenever I see a large button collection that phrase pops into my mind.

My mother kept a large heavy glass container of buttons by her sewing machine. When she needed buttons for anything, we would dump out the entire jar onto a newspaper and help her find the best candidates for that particular project. She always seemed to have just the right thing, although occasionally we would come up one button short of what was needed and spend what seemed like hours (more likely 10 minutes) combing through the collection trying to find one more match.

This is my current button collection, not nearly as vast as my mother's was. I was searching through them today in order to finish the project below, three sets of denim Christmas ornaments. This ended up being a rather "fussy" project so I doubt if I will make more. However, I'm pleased with how they turned out. The mittens and the stockings are backed with red felt from a recycled sweater.


Ivy Arts said...

My grandmother was the queen of that game. Good times. We used to dump out her cookie tin of buttons to find ones that matched. We were easily amused. I'm wishing now that I had saved all those buttons you get with new clothes and had a button collection of my own.

Thanks for the memories.

Cathy said...

Love buttons...and your little denim decorations look great :)

lomester said...

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