Thursday, September 13, 2007

Felting the Old Fashioned Way

The Fall Knitty is up and I found this great article on "Felting the Old Fashioned Way". May have to try this out sometime, it's another way to use a toilet plunger.

I sold my Wedgewood Blue BST (blood sweat and tears) bag this week. I called it that because even though I knit it with my Options circular needles, I did it in garter stitch so it took me twice as long since I'm a slow purl knitter. Also, I finished the top with applied I-cord, put a key ring on the inside, and completed it with a decorative touch that took me quite a while to figure out and do. However, I was very pleased with the bag and very happy to sell it today to a colleague at work.

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Alice said...

Congrats on your sale! The finishing touches on the bag really are great :)