Thursday, September 27, 2007

Friday Flickr Photo

Upper Arrow Lake, BC

Originally uploaded by hooky junk

I was driving home across Southern Idaho once again yesterday afternoon and evening and started thinking about favorite places. Of course my hometown, Pocatello, Idaho, is a favorite place and I was not only glad to be getting home around 8:00 pm but also enjoying the view of a gorgeous harvest moon low on the horizon.

I've been fortunate to travel to Europe and Japan and to many places in the U.S. But probably my favorite place to visit is British Columbia. My mother was born there and I spent 5 of my early years there. For years, our family vacation every summer but one was back to Robson, B.C., the location of my grandfather's summer home on the Arrow Lakes. I try to get back once or twice a year to visit my aunt and we often go on a "Circle tour" drive that takes us along the Upper Arrow Lake. So, when I found this photo on Flickr today, it was immediately familiar to me and brought back many wonderful memories.

What a great reflection caught by the photographer, hooky junk who writes about the collection of photos this one belongs to: "I turned 30 in August and embarked on a 3.5 week road/boat/kayak trip through the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Rockies." and of this photo: This was moments after we saw our first black bear, which crossed the road in front of us just north of the northern terminus of the Upper Arrow Lake Ferry. This was our first great lake reflection, having been so early on in our trip. "

This week, in the way of projects, I have been experimenting with some other ideas for Christmas ornaments (felted trees and poinsettias) but I don't have anything to share yet. Last week I did complete a felted glasses case and a Christmas stocking made from two recycled sweaters. I got my inspiration for the stocking from a photo I saw from the Interweave Felt edition . I'd like to make a few more of these and may play around with the idea of a Christmas stocking or ornaments from recycled denim since I seem to have a huge stash in my basement.

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