Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bag storage, Bag swap

Bag storage
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As my collection of bags has been growing, I've struggled with how to store them. If I leave them out on a table or my workspace, my cat, Snickers, thinks they are her new cat bed. So I quickly stopped doing this. My next approach was to put them on a shelf in my cupboard, however I quickly outgrew the space I had available. So I put up the warping board I haven't used for many years and voila, a place for my larger bags.

Anyone with better or other ideas for bag storage?

I've signed up for a bag swap. This is my first swap ever! I've been reading about different swaps for months and finally got up the nerve to participate in one. It's the "Bag Ladies Swap" group on Flickr September swap which features recycled clothing. I can't decide between making a felted bag from a sweater and trying to make a bag from an old pair of jeans or other piece of clothing. I spent several hours today cutting and knitting strips of denim. This was something I've been wanting to try for a while after reading about it on MagKnits. I found this to be a slow, painful process that resulted in what you see in the photo below. I'm thinking I'll come up with another idea for my bag swap.

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