Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wedgewood bag with I-cord

Well, I learned something new this week as I worked on a little bag in Wedgwood Patton's wool. I made my first I-cord. I'd been reading about doing this and thought it would be more difficult or tedious that it really was. It's just a matter of knitting the selected number of stitches (5 in the case of my project) on double pointed needles and then, instead of turning the knitting and starting with the stitch you last knitted, you leave the needle in the same position and begin knitting from the end you started with on the previous row. The trick is to pull the first stitch on each row tight. You end up with what looks like a knitted tube. It reminded me of the product of a knitting spool that I used when I was a kid. My first one was made from a wooden spool with four small nails tapped into the top. Later, I had a plastic one.

I did find that the knitted I-cord had quite a different look that the stockinette stitched bag. The bag bottom which was completed in garter stitch was more similar to the I-cord design when it was completed.

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