Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things don't always go as planned; Can you believe there is a catsinsink.com?

Felting is definitely not a predictable business. The grey striped bag I blogged about on Sunday went into the washer a bag and came out a bowl. It was just much too shallow to be a purse. I actually blocked it over a basketball and it has wonderful round shape. I actually like it as a bowl, though, so that's OK.

I also experimented with duplicate stitch on the smaller, plain grey bag. It was my first time to do duplicate stitch and I found some helpful advice on Bella Knitting: http://bellaknitting.typepad.com/bella_knitting/2007/08/duplicate-stitc.html and also on Studio Knits: http://www.studioknits.com/bookpage55.htm

It really wasn't difficult, but with felting and the bag shrinking I think I should have made my design a bit larger. I may have felted the bag a bit too much, too, as it ended up pretty tiny. You can see how much more muted the design appears after felting.

I was reading the Etsy forums last night and found a thread about favorite pets. I wrote about my cat Snickers and posted a link to the photo I blogged about earlier where she was posed in the sink. I thought my cat was unique since she loves to sleep in the sink, but it turns out there are scores of cats who like to do that. In fact there is a website devoted to photos of them, http://www.catsinsinks.com/. Another bit of new learning.

Speaking of learning, I would very much like to learn to make buttons for my bags. Not sure if clay/polymer would be the right material to use. I hope someone who is more knowledgeable can give me a bit of advice. I also plan to learn to do "applied I cord" which is where you apply i-cord directly onto your knitting, e.g. on the top of a bag. That's what I plan to do with a bag I am working on. Check back and I'll update you on my progress.

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elan said...

I find I need to make my motifs taller & only a bit wider. The cat we had when I was little slept in the sink but also liked to get in the tub when we got out.